THIS ROOM OPENS 23rd October.

For centuries, it’s been thought that Count Dracula is dead, until recently when archeologists discovered his tomb devoid of remains.
The elder lorekeepers of Transylvania say that Dracula is immortal and that the stake piercing his heart only deprived him of his powers. They believe that the source of his energy is a sacred altar in his crypt. Some say that he also keeps the only weapon that can kill him hidden in his lair.
Tonight, when the bloody moon rises Dracula's energy will be replenished. Time is short and the price for failure will be your grisly undeath and and an eternity of undying thirst.

Dare you enter his crypt?

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  • check Adult
  • check Vampires
  • check Dracula
  • check Horror
  • 60 alarm


  • 4-6 people


  • 16+ person

    Min. Age (Advisory)

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Welcome Introduction

The one and only Escape This® in Northbridge, Perth. Dare you enter and play our games? We have escape rooms that will tax your brain, challenge your persistence and test your ability to work with others as part of a team. Will you accept the challenge?

60mins on the Clock

Tick tock, you must beat the clock. Tick tock, clues and puzzles to unlock. Tick tock, 60 minutes on the clock. Tick tock, will your team win or will it be the clock? Tick tock the clock won’t stop. There's only 60 minutes on the clock.

Find Clues and Solve Puzzles

Entering is easy, escaping is a very different matter. You must pit your wits against our clever conundrums, pithy puzzles and elusive clues. You can't do it alone. You need to work together with your fellow detainees. Sharpen your wits and stay alert. Expect the unexpected.

Escape & Celebrate

You and your team have solved the clues; riddled the riddles and found all the answers. Time to unlock the door and emerge with the biggest grins on your faces because you've beaten the clock and are triumphant. Celebrate your victory and collect your winner's certificates.

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