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Walking the plank, searching for hidden treasure, being pursued by cutthroat pirates coupled with a high-quality set, makes a first-rate pirate escape room.

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Pirates escape room games can be fun and light-hearted or dark and dangerous, or indeed a mixture of both. The fun end of the spectrum will be designed as an escape room for kids, which is likely to be a swashbuckling adventure with ‘heave ho me hearty’ puzzles, treasures to find and walk the plank antics. Whereas the macabre pirate escape rooms will be aimed at adults and are likely to feature a darker plot, sombre and dismal theming, more complicated clues and conundrums and an ever-present threat as the minutes count down to the final escape.

Pirate Escape Room Design

Essential components for a successful pirate escape room is a plausible storyline, excellent quality pirate props and high quality theming with sound and special effects. Theming will be in line with the time of the pirates in the early part of the 18th century and can be set in a ship’s cabin, on a treasure island or on the deck of a typical pirate ship. Sounds should be background noises like the ocean, seagulls and pirates in battle. Voiceovers should be characteristic of a pirate, and lighting should be appropriate for the setting.

All the escape rooms at ‘Escape This’, Perth not only successfully achieve these parameters they exceed them on every front. The experience you can expect is totally immersive and interactive.

Pirate Storyline

A good storyline for a pirate escape room will carry the players forward with anticipation. In contrast, a poorly conceived tale of pirates and their adventures will leave players of all ages flat and uninspired.

The storyline is, therefore, critical and a hurriedly or ill-conceived story will earn the operator of any pirate escape room poor reviews and low star ratings. Stories, like any good book, are as essential as any other aspect of the escape room experience. A well thought out tale will totally engage participants. They will want to be a part of the adventure. They will be driven to solve the clues, puzzles and conundrums to get to the next part of the story.

The story sets the scene, raises expectations and engages players from the get-go. The motivation to solve the next clue, be that a physical or a cerebral challenge will be met with excitement and enthusiasm. So, the story first and foremost then build your theme around that.

The Escape

Deckhands, crew, lily-livered scabs, or whatever you choose to call the group undertaking a pirate escape room, must all feel engaged in the bid to complete the escape room’s challenges. There will always be a leader or captain-like character that emerges from any group, but everyone needs to feel involved. So, mixing-up the clues and conundrums, puzzles and challenges to ensure they are working to different strengths is important to get everyone involved. So, when they do escape, they will all feel a sense of achievement and a return visit to undertake your other escapes is almost guaranteed.

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