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Scaring players witless as they attempt to escape from the horror of a haunted escape room, is what we do best at ‘Escape This’, Perth. Enter at your own risk.

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A ghostly presence has been detected at ‘Escape This’, Perth. Something went bump in the night, and hysterical laughing is echoing down the building’s corridors. A haunted escape room seems to be the source of this disturbance, and the menace of the supernatural is seeping from the cracks around the doors.

Haunted escape rooms are one of the most popular types of escape as they add a dimension to the escape game that nothing else can… they’re scary. Creating an effective haunting escape experience needs a lot of imagination and creativity within the escape room setting. The theming needs to be of movie quality, the accompanying soundtrack that includes the player instructions, background spookiness. Special effects must be of top quality too. An example of high quality and effective theming can be seen at ‘Escape This’, Perth. The totally interactive and immersive escape rooms at this outstanding escape room venue attract 5 stars and rave reviews consistently.

Hauntings of asylums, prisons and morgues and even private houses are plentiful in Perth and Western Australia with reports of ghostly happenings and paranormal activity being seen and heard regularly. So, plenty of material to go at featuring local hauntings. It’s true to say that the effect of a real ghost story is far more frightening to most people than one that is contrived.

Essential components of a haunted Escape Room

The fear generated by props and unexpected noises is essential. A clever and preferably edgy storyline that can carry the players through the escape room reinforced with appropriate clues and challenges is critical. Then there is the theming, or if you will, room décor. To be suitably frightening, this must be carefully constructed and thought through. Dimmed lights and ill-lit corners that have strange shapes, can add a great deal to the atmosphere. Things that suddenly and unexpectedly move for no apparent reasons will give the all-important jumpy result. Even the most hardened tough nuts fear the unexplained, particularly if the unexpected happens suddenly and without warning, and they are already absorbed in the escape.

How scary will it be?

If this is a kid’s escape room, then the horror aspects of hauntings and ghostly phenomena should be toned-down, or you’ll have kids screaming and running out of the room. However, you shouldn’t eliminate it entirely. Many kids love to be scared, or ghost trains and the like would not have been so popular.

If your haunted escape room is for adults, then the sky’s the limit on the scare-factor. Take it right up to an ‘R’ rating and scare your players sh…less. Noises, cackling, children sobbing, screams that are sudden and loud. Things moving or dropping … anything and everything. They will come in their hoards so you can scare them witless. Nothing is too much or over the top. But, one word of caution, do it well or don’t do it at all.

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