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The lawless wild west has arrived in Perth at ‘Escape This’. Strap on your guns and head west for a wild west room experience like no other.

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Yeehaw! It’s the wild west escape room and us cowboys, and cowgirls are rooting to get in there, cause a bit of a ruckus by solving the clues and challenges in record time and then escape before the sheriff guns us down.

A wild west escape room game can be huge amounts of fun for the participants. It can be aimed at a younger age group if it has a light-hearted storyline, setting and sound effects. On the other hand, it can be a dark interpretation with implied violence and unpleasant consequences threatened if the players fail to escape.

For Young Players

Based on the excitement of wild west adventures by likeable characters and heroes, a wild west escape room for kids must be fun first and foremost. You can offer optional dressing-up for players so they can really get into the mood of being a gunslinger, and the sheriff or one of the notorious characters of the wild west, such as Jesse James or Annie Oakley, that ride into town. The setting must reflect the genre of the wild west with furniture befitting the timeline and storyline. Some create an ‘outside’ setting such as a barn or a corral complete with model horses or livestock to give that real cowboy authenticity. Cleverley placed air-con, and wild west sound-effects, such as horses and cattle noises complete the ‘outside’ feel and impress younger players. This way u can build total immersion into the wild west setting.

Wild West For Adults

Base you theming on one of the most dangerous of all wild west towns, Tombstone, and you instantly have a story, and the fear factor is introduced. Some say Tombstone was the most dangerous town because of its lawlessness and frequent gunfights. Add to that the Boothill graveyard just outside of Tombstone, reserved for outlaws and other less desirables, and you have the menace factor. So, your theme could be based around the Boothill graveyard or the Tombstone’s sheriff’s office and jail where many a crazy cowboy and cowgirl were locked up for the town’s protection, or to await the marshal, who would arrive to take them to court and possibly to be hung. Now you have the unpleasant setting, then you need to add special effects and sounds befitting to the theme implied violence and tension. Add to that a few jumpy moments with compelling gunslinging fights and screams from innocent citizens of Tombstone together with the sound of people dropping dead with a few arghs and ‘ah, ya got me’, and the tension is ramped.

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