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Players in the Sherlock Holmes escape room must don their deerstalkers and outwit the villainous Professor Moriarty and escape within 60 minutes.

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Sherlock Holmes is a very established character in the hearts and minds of the general public as probably the most iconic detective of all time. However, despite how old this fictional character actually is, the genre has not been allowed to age or be forgotten by subsequent generations. The film industry has also turned-out many alternative Sherlocks, some of whom are far more exciting than the original. This gives escape room operators a little more freedom in their interpretations. But, move too far away from what most people associate with Holmes, and you may disappoint some of his fans.

The setting for Sherlock Holmes escape room, for example, can use the somewhat dated earlier versions of movies, or the more dynamic recent movies. But, if you ensure that all of these interpretations have the players holed-up in a room, usually a library, trying to fathom out a mystery you won’t go far wrong. Add to this the right sounds and appropriate special effects, and you have it cracked.

Players will engage in the storylines if it is well thought out and on theme with cries of ‘elementary my dear Watson’ being heard from players when they crack a particularly tricky clue. There have been numerous adversaries of Sherlock Holmes, but Professor Moriarty has been the most enduring and ever-present threat to the detective. As such, this dastardly criminal mastermind must figure somewhere in the plot if only to add more of a threat to players as the clock counts down to zero and as the ‘detectives’ they must escape his wrath. The game is afoot!

The Game is Afoot

The fame of the world’s most revered sleuth goes before him. Created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle way back in 1887, the activities and adventures of the fictional character of Sherlock Holmes have endured and is considered to be a milestone in crime fiction. Not surprising, then, that Sherlock Holmes is a popular escape room choice across the world.

The fact that Sherlock Holmes is a sleuth, makes the inclusion of an escape room themed on this character almost predictable, but the set-up and gameplay doesn’t then have to be obvious to the players. You can get creative.

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