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Played all the escape rooms that Morley has to offer? Desperate for your next Escape room Fix?

Plan to escape Morley and head to ‘Escape This’ in Northbridge to take part in the most unique immersive escape rooms with movie quality sets and sound effects.

BY CAR : Around 25 minutes will bring you to the most immersive escape rooms in Perth.

" What a way to spend an evening! I was so impressed by the aesthetics in 'The Wizard's Chamber'. With a combination of audio and visuals that could make a person forget that they aren't in a room straight from a Hogwarts-style reality. The staff were lovely and some of the secret clues in this escape room were totally unexpected as compared to previous escape rooms I've been to. Would definitely recommend that you go and give it a try for yourself with a group of friends.
Jaimee, March 2020"

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The most immersive escape room serving Morley.

Very like a cross between board and video games except, it's live.

The Morley escape plan has been hatched for those looking for the ultimate escape room challenge. It’s simple, and it’s beautiful. Many will head into the city by car and arrive at ‘Escape This’ in Northbridge a mere 22mins later to take part in the most interactive and immersive escape rooms in the realm of Western Australia. Others who have chosen to take the train will arrive in Northbridge after a leisurely stroll through this entertainment hub arriving at ‘Escape This’ ready to play their chosen escape game. However you choose to rock up, you’ll be impressed with everything about your experience at ‘Escape This’ – the friendly staff, the movie quality sets with special effects, and even the venue itself, which wraps you in anticipation and excitement the moment you enter. For those who come seeking a bigger thrill, they will have booked in to meet the ‘Cannibal’, and they will not leave disappointed - maybe a bit shaken-up as the ‘Cannibal’ escape room is the only ‘R’ rated escape room in Australia. But whatever escape room you choose, you will meet unique challenges and the excitement and fun that comes with trying to beat the clock and escape after solving clues, puzzles and brain teasers that are designed to keep you locked in. Time to escape Morley and have some fun.


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