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A horror escape room, Perth combines a gory and bloody, movie-quality setting, a threatening atmosphere and gameplay that feeds the fear of escaping players.

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Escape rooms have evolved with the most important development being the horror genre. The first horror offering from ‘Escape This’ in Perth is their Cannibal room, which makes use of all the horror elements to turn the ordinary escape room experience into one that is downright scary. Using movie-quality theming to create the setting, they have used special effects and a horror soundtrack to engender the main drivers of a horror experience, which are fear and anxiety.

Along with the primary objective to escape the room, horror introduces new and powerful elements of fear and panic; fear of the consequences of failing to escape and panic as the clock ticks down to the allocated time to solve the clues and puzzles and complete the room.

This is a welcome development for those who are constantly looking for new escape room experiences that can push out the boundaries of possible concepts that give a more powerful experience than some of the more classic escape room experiences.

Types of Horror Escape Rooms

Every effective horror escape room includes a scary story, the right atmosphere, quality settings with the right props and the right level of lighting. ‘Escape This’ intend to increase their horror offering with three new escape rooms with one based on being buried alive together with a ghost haunting and a Dracula escape room. They plan to mix all the elements of horror at just the right levels to create the maximum scare-factors that make for a successful horror offering within an escape room setting.

Blood & Gore

With the optimum level of auditory prompts, a quality setting and the objects that form part of the horror story, the stage is set for horror. Blood and gore are critical in most horror escape rooms as the stories are usually bloody. Players in such an escape room interact and ‘live’ scenarios that could be in a horror movie with serial killers, malicious ghosts, vampires, monsters & cannibals. Understandably, horror escape rooms limit the lower age groups and give players fair warning of their extreme content so those with a nervous or squeamish disposition can opt for a less confronting escape room.

Psychological horror

Blood and gore are very effective in creating horror, but visual horror can be trumped by the psychological. Yes, the settings must be scary and the threat realistic, but providing you generate a sense of dread and foreboding, you have a psychological horror escape room, which can be more frightening than visual blood and gore. Escape rooms of psychological terror more often come from mind games, strange reflections, shadows, objects that exist and disappear, weird sounds. Anything that can cause anxiety and prevent the mind from concentrating, like a lingering and threatening presence. There may be no blood, and yet, the psychological horror escape room could be the most terrifying experience! ‘Escape This’, Perth has one such escape in its planning stages, so watch this space.


The right atmosphere can be incredibly frightening, and when visual horror and psychological terror are combined with the more general climate, the best horror escape room is created. The Cannibal escape room at ‘Escape This’ has the elements of atmosphere, intensity, special constructions, scenery, lighting, sounds and clever gameplay. By creating this perfect combination, they have created a memorable and creepy escape game that scares, but ironically gives a feeling of pleasure as the players triumph over the impending threat.

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