Hannibal Lecter, a doctor of psychiatry and certified cannibal, is still locked away in prison for his heinous crimes. Most sane people know he is a fictitious character in a horror movie, but there is one man that secretly admires him and intends to copy the actions of this monstrous maniac in the real world. This madman has even changed his name to Dr Lecter. He has employed an assistant to help him achieve his horrific objectives. Unless you want to be on the menu, you need to outwit this crazed lunatic and his assistant, or you might be attending the worst dinner of your life.

  • Adult
  • Horror
  • Cannibal
  • Thriller
  • 60 alarm


  • 2-6 people


  • 14+ person

    Min. Age (Advisory)

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Dare You Enter Our Rooms of Intrigue & Mystery A Welcome is Guaranteed - Your Escape Is Up to You

  • Welcome Introduction

    The one and only ‘Escape This’ in Northbridge, Perth. Dare you enter and play our games? We have escape rooms that will tax your brain, challenge your persistence and test your ability to work with others as part of a team. Will you accept the challenge?

  • 60mins on the Clock

    Tick tock, you must beat the clock. Tick tock, clues and puzzles to unlock. Tick tock, 60 minutes on the clock. Tick tock, will your team win or will it be the clock? Tick tock the clock won’t stop. There’s only 60 minutes on the clock.

  • Find Clues and Solve Puzzles

    Entering is easy, escaping is a very different matter. You must pit your wits against our clever conundrums, pithy puzzles and elusive clues. You can’t do it alone. You need to work together with your fellow detainees. Sharpen your wits and stay alert. Expect the unexpected.

  • Escape & Celebrate

    You and your team have solved the clues; riddled the riddles and found all the answers. Time to unlock the door and emerge with the biggest grins on your faces because you’ve beaten the clock and are triumphant. Celebrate your victory and collect your winner’s certificates.

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