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Perfect as a team-building activity, as a stand-alone or as a breakout element for a bigger event or conference. Your teams will develop skills such as problem-solving, conflict resolution, team working and leadership.

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A Common Goal

All companies require their workforce to work together to achieve a common goal, and so it is with an escape room format. All players must determine what they think the overall objective is for each clue and puzzle, then work together to achieve the resolution, thus working together to achieve the agreed common goal. 

Conflict Resolution

Not everyone during an escape room game will agree on the way forward, so there is a disagreement (conflict), and everyone deals with that in their own way. Effective teams recognise their colleague’s strengths and weaknesses and use this knowledge to arrive at successful conflict resolution.

Problem Solving

To succeed in an escape room requires a team to tackle a problem swiftly and efficiently. To escape, they must engage and apply effective problem-solving techniques as a team.


Leaders naturally emerge during an escape room game. Those that possess these qualities will show themselves very early on in the exercise. These leaders will know how to harness the strengths of the team, providing encouragement and recognition, so they work effectively as a team. True leadership.


Engaged teams are productive teams, and productive teams are what every company aims for.

Escape games provide a fun, engaging, social activity. Like board and video games, they task players with overcoming obstacles quickly and effectively. Studies have shown that those who play intricate and complicated games become better learners and are more productive – that’s a pretty big bonus for any company.

Escape Rooms are ideal for...


Escape rooms provide a fun break from the usual workplace routines, and that’s important because we all know what all work and no play leads to. Also, having fun together as a team makes it more memorable and has a bigger impact on team unity. A company lunch or dinner is nice, but a bit predictable, whereas an escape room experience is so much more. If you feel a drink or two, or a meal is an essential part of your team building event, then you are in the ideal location in Northbridge as ‘Escape This’ has many and varied bars and restaurants right on our doorstep. It also offers the opportunity for your employees to share their escape room game experiences over a meal or a drink.


Escape rooms are also an exciting breakout activity for classroom-based workshops or conferences. It’s an opportunity to stretch the legs refresh those little grey cells and return your delegates fresh and ready for the rest of your event. It is unlikely your employees will have experienced an escape room as good as those at Escape This so you’ll be offering something quite unique. We are within easy reach of most of the CBD conference venues and city-based businesses in Perth. 


Companies often want to reward or incentivise their staff for a job well done or to reach bigger and better sales targets, achieve better customer service results, or for other reasons relevant to their particular company. So, make the gift unique and exciting. An ‘Escape This’ gift voucher is a great way to thank you to your staff, key suppliers or business partners. Call us to place bigger orders, or click here to order online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a big group. Can you accommodate us?

Yes, our premises can accommodate up to 25 people at any one time, and with more rooms coming on stream, that number will increase. For even bigger groups, you can book multiple rooms at one-time slot, or over multiple sessions.

Can you provide exclusive use?

All escape rooms bookings are exclusive with only your group in the room! If your group is particularly large, you can book the entire premises for a day or more and groups can be scheduled to complete our rooms in turn. We have a comfortable reception area, and outside coffee and tea area for your exclusive use.

Can we provide our own prizes?

Yes, you are welcome to provide prizes and hold a presentation ceremony at our premises.

Need more, see our general FAQs or give us a call.

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