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Family days out don’t come more exciting than an escape room experience, especially if that escape room is located at ‘Escape This’ in Northbridge, Perth City. At West Australia’s premier escape room venue, ‘Escape This’ you’ll find that the escape rooms are of superior quality with movie-level sets complete with special and sound effects to really make you feel you are ‘living’ the game.

"What a fun way to spend some time with family and friends"

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Fun For The Entire Family

So, when you are looking for a family event that caters for everyone, then this is it. Mum’s, Dad’s Kids and even Grannies and Grandad will find they are fully absorbed and challenged in the bid to escape their chosen room within the allocated 60minutes. We forgot to mention the fun aspect, which is delivered in bucket loads. Your family fun day starts when you enter the building because we start your experience right there. The atmosphere is full of promise, so the anticipation of what’s to come rises to high. Then an ‘Escape This’ room supervisor guides you to your chosen room. On the route to the escape room, the excitement builds, and your first sight of the interior seals the deal – it’s going to be exciting.

Family Team Work

Once inside the room, the special effects and sounds start, and the game is on. The whole family then pitch in trying to solve the puzzles or find the clues. It’s a perfect combination of knowledge, enthusiasm and gut instincts at play as the different age groups get to work on the obvious and not so obvious challenges. Everyone is involved. It’s a family activity that is akin to a live board game.

The Clock Is Ticking

As the time ticks down to the 60 minutes, the tension and excitement rise. Everyone in the family wants to be the one to solve the final puzzle or find the elusive clue. The family group are swarming all over the escape room trying to find it, and then Eureka! Mum finds it and with minutes to spare the family escape, spilling out of the room delighted at their achievement, still chattering and excited.

Things To Do In Perth

An escape room is an easy choice when you are looking for things to do as a family in Perth. It really is a whole family adventure into the unknown.

Frequently Asked Questions

My brother is one year to young to take part, can he still come?

The age we give on each game is advisory. We calculate how difficult or scary a room is and then advise on a minimum age. So, if your brother is being accompanied by older participants, and you are happy for him to take part, then that’s fine.

Can you be too old to take part?

No, you are never too old to tale part in a fun activity. As long as you can take the fright factor and are mobile, then you will love our escape rooms. 

Is it an advantage to have different ages in our family group?

Most definitely, different ages bring varying skills and a broader range of knowledge.

When you say a family, can a friend come as well?

We don’t ask what the make up of your family group is. You can bring a friend with your family for sure. Everyone is welcome.

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