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Escape Rooms for Family & Friends in Perth

Escape games are the new, 'must do' activity for anyone from the age of nine years old. But, the most successful teams are those with a range of ages as they can all contribute something different. If you're gamer or you'd like to become one, you'll love our escape games.

"What a fun way to spend some time with family and friends"

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Get a Group Together

Whether it's your family or your mates, an escape game will offer you a challenge that will have you thinking outside of the box and scratching your head – and, of course, it's great fun for any age group. Even if you've done an escape room before, our games are brand new and a totally unique, immersive experience complete with sound effects.

All Ages Welcome

Each game has different levels of fright factor and difficulty. If you're a family, then you'll benefit from the wisdom of the older group members and the enthusiasm of the young. Just make sure you check the lower age limit on each of the games. Don't worry too much about the kids, by the way, sometimes it’s the adults that get freaked out by the scary bits. Kids are pretty tough and love the challenge and tension that an escape room offers.

Groups of Friends

It's a cracking activity for a group of friends that want to have a bit of fun and be challenged at the same time. You can be a group of adult friends or students – it all works. Just make sure you meet the age requirements and you've engaged your brain and are up for some fun. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a big group. Can you accommodate us?

Yes, our premises can accommodate up to 25 people at any one time. Bigger groups can book multiple rooms at one-time slot, or over multiple sessions.

Do you provide discounted prices for larger groups?

Yes, we do. Please see the graph below.

Can you provide exclusive use?

If your group is particularly large, you can book the entire premises for a day or more and groups can be scheduled to complete our rooms in turn. We have a comfortable reception area for your exclusive use in this instance. 

Can we provide our own prizes?

Yes, you are welcome to provide prizes and present them at our premises.  

Need more, see our general FAQs or give us a call.

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So, what is an escape room?

Very like a cross between board and video games except, it's live.

We have several rooms, and they are all themed for different games and difficulties (and scariness). Your team's mission is to solve the mystery of your chosen room by completing tasks, solving puzzles and basically being a bit clever. You only have 60 minutes on the clock to complete the tasks, and work out what the clues mean how to riddle the riddles and crack any codes. Then you put the whole thing together and achieve your eureka moment. Only then can you and your team escape or if the time runs out.

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