Date night or a daytime date at an escape room is an option that will impress your other half big time. Relatively new when compared to other options, an escape room delivers on the excitement of anticipation, the mystery of what escape game you'll be playing and the wow factor when you enter your chosen escape room. That's of course if you've booked an 'Escape This' escape room because they knock all others out of the park when it comes to originality, total immersion and movie quality sets.

"**Best Date We've Ever Had**
**She Was So Impressed with My Ability to Solve the Clues**
** We Both Screamed at One Point and Clung onto Each Other – Nice**"

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Don't be dull on your date night. Try something a bit different and impress the love of your life. You've done restaurants, bars and nightclubs, and they are all great, but maybe for a first date, nightclubs are not that romantic, unless you want to impress with your killer moves, as the music is so loud you can't talk to each other, and that's not very romantic.

Your original and very impressive date night is here at 'Escape This' right in the heart of Northbridge, Perth's entertainment hub. It's different, fun and you're in the right place to finish the evening in a pub, cocktail bar, restaurant, nightclub, you name it… Northbridge can deliver.


It's just you two. You don't have to share your escape room experience as all bookings are exclusive. It's unique, and that's always going to make you look good. You have a shared challenge to work on together, and how cute is that furrowed brow your date makes when they are trying to fathom a clue?

Your date may surprise and delight you when they crack a problematic puzzle – or you might surprise yourself, and you'll get to show-off just how clever you are. With the quality of 'Escape This' escape rooms, the experience is likely to be full of surprises, so you may need to cling to each other for support. Nice bonus!

Then there are the memories you create together that will carry you through the rest of the evening as you share and laugh together about the experience.


Right now, is your best bet as we are experiencing high booking rates. The word has got out that the escape rooms at Escape This are the best in Western Australia, so the phones are constantly ringing and the online booking system is busy, busy..

Frequently Asked Questions

It's a date, so we don't want to share. Is that okay?

Absolutely, all bookings are exclusive, so it will just be you two.

Can I book at a particular time, so it fits in with the rest of my plans?

No problem. Our website shows live availability so you can see what's available and when.

When should I book for the weekend?

Friday, Saturday nights and Sunday during the day are usually very busy with popular time slots going quickly. So, best to book as soon as possible if your booking is time-sensitive.

Are Escape Rooms a good idea for first dates?

They are, quite possibly, the best idea for a first date - Show your date your imaginative and adventurous side! what could be better than being locked in room with your date for an hour with no interruptions?!!

Need more, see our general FAQs or give us a call.

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