Bucks & Hens Escape Rooms in Perth

You have the job of organising the Bucks or Hen weekend, and you want it to be the best ever. Locating your Bucks or Hen party in Perth city's main entertainment area, Northbridge is smart. Visiting Escape This adds a unique dimension you can't get elsewhere. Once you have escaped, then it's out into Northbridge (on our doorstep) to celebrate in style with a few drinks and/or a good feed.

"Wow, just wow! What a buzz"

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Get a Group Together

Send your attendees the link to the games on offer and then pick the one that most of you want to play. Every one of our escape games will offer you a challenge that will have you all thinking outside of the box and scratching your heads – and, of course, it's great fun. Even if some of you have done an escape room before, our games are brand new and a totally unique, immersive experience complete with sound effects.

Bucks of all Ages Will Love it.

Each game has different levels of fright factor and difficulty. If you Buck's group has your kid brother amongst them, no problem (check lower age limit). You'll benefit from the wisdom of the older group members and the enthusiasm of the younger members.

When You Don't Know Each Other

It's a cracking activity for bringing your group together because fun does that. You'll enter as strangers and leave as mates. Just make sure you've all engaged your brains and are up for a challenge. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a group of 12. Can we all play in the same room?

The maximum in any escape room is 6 people, so yes you can play at the same time if you book two rooms for the same time, but no, you cant all play in the same room at the same time.

Can we bring a few drinks to enjoy after?

Unfortunately, we do not have a licence for alcohol. But as we are based in Northbridge, just step outside and you have many watering holes to choose from after your session. Please don't arrive intoxicated, or we will refuse you admission.

We are a mixed age group. Will that work?

Yes, mixed ages work well as you all have a different knowledge base and way of tackling the challenges.

Need more, see our general FAQs or give us a call.

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