Escape Room Birthday Parties in Perth

Make it a birthday treat like no other at Escape This, Northbridge. An exciting way to mark your birthday with family or friends right in the heart of Perth's entertainment area.

"A unique birthday treat!"

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Kids Birthdays

For birthday boys and girls from the age of nine years, this is the experience that will be the one they remember. It has it all – high anticipation, the excitement of arrival at 'Escape This' and then entering the movie-quality themed escape room of your choice… and what a choice you've got, with more rooms coming on stream all the time. Then it's time for the fun to really begin as you and your mates solve the puzzles, clues and conundrums to make your escape. Sound and special effects make the whole experience exciting and interactive, so everyone can get involved. Very young kids can benefit from an adult on the team to help with the more gnarly clues.

Don’t Stop the Party

Come with your friends from school or your mates from your neighbourhood or your family. Whomever you choose, you'll all have a blast. But the party doesn't need to stop there, because we are right in the heart of the Northbridge entertainment area and a host of cafés, restaurants and other entertainment options are right on our doorstep.

Adult Birthdays

Whether your guests are your family or your mates, our escape games are an excellent idea for your birthday. Not only will it offer you a challenge that will have you all thinking outside of the box and scratching your heads, but it's also a great laugh. All our escape rooms will challenge the smartest player, and some will add the fear factor too. So, while you are desperately trying to escape, you will be harried and cajoled by the room's resident evil or haunting presence.

Party On

Being located in party central, in Northbridge, your celebrations don't need to stop after you have enjoyed your escape experience. Bars, restaurants and nightclubs await right outside our door. So, have a drink or two and tell the tale of how you made your daring escape, or just dance the rest of the night away. Best birthday ever!

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a big group. Can you accommodate us?

Yes, our premises can accommodate up to 25 people at any one time. Bigger groups can book multiple rooms at one time slot, or over multiple sessions.

Can you provide exclusive use?

All escape rooms bookings are exclusive with only your group in the room! And, if your group is particularly large, you can book the entire premises for a period of time and groups can be scheduled to complete our rooms in turn. We have a comfortable reception area for your exclusive use in this instance.

Can we provide our own prizes?

Yes, you are welcome to provide prizes and present them at our premises.

Need more, see our general FAQs or give us a call.

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