For a Harry Potter type escape room in Perth with movie quality theming, sound, special effects and great gameplay, visit The Wizard’s Chamber at ‘Escape This’

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There are the straight down the line, Harry Potter escape rooms that stick closely to the known elements of the Harry Potter books and movies. These escape rooms use the actual names of the characters JK Rowling created to populate her books together with the themes of a book, for example 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone', or Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. This makes theming the room easy and, perhaps, and little too predictable. It also makes it difficult for players who are not Harry Potter fanatics to solve some of the clues.

Harry Potteresque escape rooms that use some elements, for example, a storyline, but deviate when it comes to leading character names, such as Ron Weasley and Herminie Grainger, and of course Harry Potter himself. These are halfway houses between the obvious Harry Potter theming and concocted elements to add to the story. These operators are mindful not to transgress copyright, which JK Rowling vigorously defends, but they are perhaps not aware, that every aspect of this very specific genre, is protected and they are walking on thin ice using any aspect, locations like Hogwarts, Dementors or spell casting names, to name but a few.

Wizard escape rooms, therefore answer the need for the love of Harry Potter and all things magical and wizardry but don't break any copyright laws. 'The Wizard's Chamber' at 'Escape This', in Perth is a perfect example of this. It has movie quality theming, with sound and lighting effects. The room is immediately engaging the minute players enter the chamber with its castle-like walls, themed props and wizard's voiceover. But there is not one mention of Harry Potter or any aspect of the books or films, so players do not need prior knowledge of Harry Potter to complete the puzzles. It's all just pure wizardry.

For Harry Potter Fans

Mention a Harry Potter escape room and everyone gets excited. The boy wizard's popularity is universal, and that includes themed escape games of the genre. The escape room at 'Escape This', Perth has taken the broad concept of a wizard's adventure and brought it up to a higher level of quality and interactive experience. You get all the elements you would expect from the magic of wizardry and a bit more.

Critical Components

The critical components of an escape room based on wizards with a nod to the famous Harry Potter are magic, adventure and solving riddles and puzzles. The threat of impending consequences as the time allocated ticks down to zero adds an all-important atmosphere of excitement. Then comes the sense of achievement, when the escape is achieved, or disappointment if the wizard outwits you. Add to this the superiority of theming, sound and lights and you have a description of the 'Wizard's Chamber' at 'Escape This', Perth. No wonder then that this escape room always achieves a five-star rating and rave reviews.

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