Don’t be dull on Valentine’s Day. Try something a bit different and impress the love of your life by booking an escape room at the new and very popular ‘Escape This™’ in the heart of Perth city.

Looking for Something Special to do on Valentine’s Day?

Are you trying to plan a special Valentine’s Day date night? You’ve got the card, but where to go? You can’t stay in a watch the TV – not on Valentine’s Day! Then there’s always that restaurant you both love, but it’s a set menu for Valentine’s Day and neither of you like what’s on offer. The theatre, maybe? But you can’t talk to each other, and that’s not very romantic.

How about being totally original and doing an escape game together right in the heart of Northbridge, Perth’s entertainment hub. It’s different, fun and you’re in the right place to finish the evening in a pub, cocktail bar, restaurant, nightclub, you name it, and Northbridge can deliver.

But why an escape game?

It’s just you two. You don’t have to share your escape experience as all bookings are exclusive.

It’s unique, and that’s always going to make you look good if you think of booking it.

You have a shared challenge to work on together.

How cute is that furrowed brow your date makes when they are trying to fathom a clue?

Your date may surprise and delight you when they crack a problematic puzzle – or you might surprise yourself

You’ll get to show-off just how clever you are.

The experience may be full of surprises that get you clinging to each other for support.

The memories you create together will carry you through the rest of the evening as you share and laugh together about the experience.

When Should I Book?

Right now, is your best bet as we are experiencing high booking rates. The word has got out that the escape rooms at ‘Escape This™’ are the best in Western Australia, so the phones are constantly ringing and the online booking system is busy, busy.